Anthem Lyrics - Salmo, Noyz Narcos - CVLT (2023)



Song: Anthem
Movie: CVLT
Singer: Salmo, Noyz Narcos
Lyrics: Salmo, Noyz Narcos, Luciennn, Sine
Music: Luciennn
Music Label: Salmo


I Often Ask Myself Why I Still Do It

I Answer, “I Have To Push It To The Bottom Or Go Back To The Grocery Store.”

I’ve Got A Head In The Ground, They Find The Body In The Ice

With A Blue Face And Purple Lips On The Ground With An Arm Tie.

One Finger’s Enough, I’m Fooled By These Fu*kers

Magic Blue Like Denzel, I’m Michael Keaton

I Represent For The Dead, In My Hood Reborn

At The Funeral In My South In An Armored Suv.

One Told Me, “Trust The Others, You Have To Disguise Yourself.

Bro, These Scoundrels End Up Fooling You.”

I’m Hiding In The Crowd Like Banksy

I Got Bigger Than Gatsby, Eoh

With My Boys, Influencers, Tiktokers, Subhumans

Only With Our Hands Do We Take You Out, Soleimani

Learn Before You Speak, Fai, I Die Tryin’

Life Flows Through Your Fingers Like A Butterfly

If I Rhyme, I End Time Like Cooked Crack

I Play The Pipe In The Back On This Fast Track

Fu*k Your Rap, I Hit, David Guetta

We’ll Die From Legends Like Elizabeth

I Spit Only Raw Shit, I Stay Most Hated

I Swim Among Barracudas Dressed As Cosplayers

I See Cuts On Naked Flesh, Looks Like A Good Trailer

Nessun Dorma, It’s A Dogma Like Lars Von Trier

First Time, I Remember, It Was Just Marijuana

Second, Then Continued, It Always Ended For -ina (Ah)

The Years Of Black And The Albanian Ammonia.

The Tags On The Bus With Three Inches On The Side (Ah)

Everybody At Home When It Rains These Random Rhymes (Ah)

I Come Out Of The Dark Raving Like Marlon Brando

I Ride A Black Lambo Like The Black Mamba

Sorry I’m Late Mom, I Was Shaking

If You Were Me, You’d Already Be Dead (Ah)

In The Emergency Ward Of An Emergency Room

Or End Up In A Hole With Six Shots In Your Body

You’d Be Brad Pitt Wrestling With Ed Norton (Uh)

Every Asshole In The World Should Listen To Me (Ah)

This Tranva Cuts Heads, Leaves Bodies Afloat

He’ll Be Dumb Who Hosannas Me

Cause If I Make A Joint I Look Like

A Cosmonaut Up In The Skies, Like Hosanna.

1979, Noyz Narcos Comes To The World.

God Asks You, “Do You Want Proof?”

Oh, Stop

Eoh, Enough

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