Oppenheimer movie quotes (2023)

Oppenheimer movie quotes (2023)

  •  Don't alienate the only people in the world that understand what you do. One day you may need them.

  • The truly vindictive are patient as saints.

  • We have to make the politicians understand this isn't a new weapon. It's a new world. I'll be out there doing what I can but you, you are an American Prometheus. The man who gave them the power to destroy themselves. And they'll respect that.

  • Genius is no guarantee of wisdom.

  • A prophet isn't allowed to be wrong. Not once.

  • You can't lift the stone without being ready for the snake that's revealed.

  • You drop a bomb, and it falls on the just and the unjust. I don't wish the culmination of three centuries of physics to be a weapon of mass destruction.

  • They won't fear it until they understand it. And they won't understand it until they've used it. Theory will take you only so far.

  • Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.

  • You don't get to commit sin, and then ask all of us to feel sorry for you when there are consequences.

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